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Please select which club you'd like to join. For Veraison and Agtivist Memberships, please indicate whether you'd like all red, all white or 50/50 split.
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Let Farmer & The Vine provide you a monthly selection of wine or cider by becoming a Friend of the Farmer. To join please complete the form click "Subscribe" and we will contact you for your Credit / Debit card info. We’ll charge your card monthly and select wine or cider for you based on the club(s) of your choosing. As a Friend of the Farmer, you’ll also enjoy a number of perks:

  • Monthly Pick Up

  • Discounts during Wine Wednesdays

  • Half price for Premium Tasting events

  • Member pricing on special events

  • Early notice on special events, tastings, and offers

  • 15% off special order cases

  • 10% off 6 bottles


2 bottles/$45 month
Before the farmer can consider harvest we must have veraison. It is the magical moment when those hard, green grapes transform into plump, juicy clusters. Each month we’ll select two great value wines to share over dinner with friends or savor on your own. Choose all red, all white or one of each.


4 bottles/ $85 month
We know you would march 500 miles with your fellow wine drinkers to support your farmer and winemaker. As an Agtivist each month you’ll receive four wines which is enough to enjoy one bottle a week or show up to your next dinner party as the wine hero! Your choice of all red, all white or 50/50 split.

Rosé All Day

2 bottles/$29 month
You don’t wear white after Labor Day, but you do enjoy your Rosé all year round. And who can blame you? We will be happy to select two bottles for you each month that will keep you intrigued with your favorite pink passion all year long.

Cider club

4 bottles/$45 month
When it comes to savoring the good stuff, the apple of your eye is the cider you’re currently sipping. Let us keep you intrigued
with a monthly variety of cider. Each month you’ll receive four bottles of cider which will include regional and Old World offerings.


  • Your designated credit card will be automatically charged on or around the 15th of each month.

  • Club pick up date is the third Friday each month.

  • If it is necessary to cancel your membership, this must be done 7 days prior to the bill date of the next club pick up

  • Only those who are 21 and over can retrieve wine/cider on club pick up day.

  • For those members out of town for part of the year, we can ship your wine/cider quarterly. Please make sure you notify us of the shipping address. You will still be billed monthly in addition to shipping charges.

  • If you wish to pause your membership, this must be done 7 days prior to the bill date of the next club pick up.